Tradition Woven, Future Unwritten

A glimpse of the past: patrons and staff stand amidst the assorted wares of a bustling general store in the 1940s, where the shelves are brimming with goods from floor to ceiling.

In the small town of Hoffman, a legacy began in 1930 when the Arnquist family proudly opened the doors to their hardware store. It all started with Tom's grandparents, who laid the foundation for a business that would stand the test of time. Tom's father, the ever-dedicated Bud Arnquist, skillfully managed the enterprise until his untimely passing in 1979.

With a profound sense of responsibility and a deep-rooted connection to the community, Tom Arnquist seamlessly stepped into the role of stewarding the family business. Back then, the store's offerings extended to the realms of furniture and flooring, providing the community with quality goods and warm service.

Fast forward to 2009, and it was time for a new chapter. Relocating their flourishing flooring venture, Arnquist Carpets Plus, to the city of Alexandria marked a significant milestone. The bustling energy of Alexandria welcomed them with open arms, and they found a home at 805 1st Ave. E., where they've been for the past glorious decade.

Present Day

A testament to their commitment and passion, Arnquist Carpets Plus has become a cornerstone of the community. In 2021, the business expanded its commercial flooring division to become a regional flooring provider. With a dedicated team of 15 employees, each contributing to the business's success, the store continues to weave a narrative of quality, trust, and genuine care. As they reflect on their journey, the Arnquist legacy stands tall, anchored in a rich history and a promising future.

Modern commercial building with a corrugated metal facade, featuring two prominent signs for 'Alexandria Roofing', captured on a cloudy day—anticipating business growth in 2024.

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